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The Credit Pros CRM Application

The Credit Pros is the fastest-growing American fintech company offering credit repair services such as credit reports and personalized score insights. We built a user-friendly custom portal with dynamic front-end development to help them acquire accurate data about customers’ credit affairs.

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The Seller Bail Out Application

Seller BailOut is a real estate platform that offers the fastest and most secure pathway to selling properties. We provided them with CRM development services, 3rd party API integration, and workflow automation. The user-friendly platform enables users to run marketing operations.

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Main Location Marketplace Application

Main Location offers real estate services. We provided them with app development and design, marketing automation, and 3rd party API integration. Our solution helped manage properties with an easy-to-use front-end portal so customers can easily buy properties.

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The OLM Investor Hub Application

Open letter marketing is a direct mail marketing firm that provides direct mail services to potential real estate clients. We provided a unified dashboard with a user-friendly interface that enabled OLM customers to import, filter, sort, manage, and segment their lists.

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FDHQ RETS Portal Application

FDHQ is a real estate brokerage company based in the US that helps buyers to search for properties in their preferred location. We created an online platform that enabled the client to fetch real estate listings using RETS API daily.

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The Scorecard Application

Scorecard is a company providing excellent customer service via its call center operations. We developed a customized online portal for them to view, play, and crop recordings of sales calls. It helped them acquire call information from HudoSoft and grade agents based on calls and other parameters.

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