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SBO is a revolutionary technology-driven real estate platform that offers the quickest and safest way to sell properties. They assist both distressed and non-distressed sellers in selling their properties at a faster and more competitive price.

Services offered

CRM development, workflow automation,and 3rd party API integration


2 years



Industry Type

Real Estate

Client Requirements

  • A user-friendly single dashboard for importing, filtering, sorting, and managing potential real estate seller and buyer leads.

  • A property management module that allows new properties to be added and the status of existing ones to be readily updated.

  • A workflow management solution that enables administrators to build marketing statuses with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

  • A contact management module, which allows administrators and agents to import, filter, and sort contacts.

  • A custom reporting system that allows leads and contacts to be quickly created and categorized based on various criteria.

  • A simple communication system that integrates with Google Business Email.

  • Sequences and triggers that are automated.

  • Email and SMS marketing are also options.

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Our Solution

We created a custom interface for the customer to import and segment their leads. Clients may swiftly create new properties and launch marketing campaigns for them.


Portal Features

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Profile, Dashboard, Listings and User Management

  • benefit checkProfile is accessible to administrators, buyers, and managers. They have the ability to login, logout, amend their profile, and change their password.
  • benefit checkDashboard is exclusively available to administrators, and recent activity and task lists are presented on their dashboard. The pie-chart is a dashboard display that tracks all real estate property records. In addition, a graphical depiction is provided, which includes vital information regarding unique and page visitors on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • benefit checkListings comprises commercial and residential property listing management. Filtering, categorizing, and maintaining potential real estate properties are all available.
  • benefit checkThe admin can add, delete, and edit users using this section. Possible roles are admin, manager, agent, and blogger.
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Leads Management

  • benefit checkSellers: This section contains information on the sellers, as well as listings for their properties. There is filtering, sorting, and searching options available.
  • benefit checkBuyers: This section contains information on the buyers, as well as listings for their properties. There is filtering, sorting, and searching options available.
  • benefit checkContact Agents: They are similar to brokers who handle the properties in a certain area. Buyers contact them in order to purchase appropriate properties.There is filtering, sorting, and searching options available.
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The property's current status is handled here.The admin/agents can move the property from one step to another using a friendly drag and drop UI. It consists of the following steps:

  • benefit checkHot signifies that a seller's property is ready for sale.
  • benefit checkContract Sellers are people that have a contract to sell their property.
  • benefit checkReview, the phase in which the SBO administrator verifies the seller's property.
  • benefit checkLive, after the property has been validated and is ready for purchase by the potential buyer, it enters the live stage.
  • benefit checkAppointment Schedule, in which a meeting is scheduled between the admin/agents and the buyer/sellers/agents to discuss the advertised property.
  • benefit checkContract has been signed. Buyer has signed an agreement with admin to select a property from the seller's list.
  • benefit checkContact Out occurs when the transaction is completed and the property is marked as sold out.
  • benefit checkClosing pause occurs when the sold property is put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • benefit checkClosing Set, when the owner of the property is permanently shifted from seller to buyer.
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Email Marketing:

It is an area where all the newest information about the properties and other essential facts are sent through email to all the players engaged in the specific real estate, such as buyers, sellers, sales agents, and others. It consists of:

  • benefit checkTemplate Management: Here, the administrator creates and distributes bespoke templates for various e-mail marketing goals.
  • benefit checkSequence Management: It includes step-by-step management of all the sequences involved in selling the sellers' property to the purchasers.
    • benefit checkInformation created automatically and distributed by email and SMS
    • benefit checkA delay timer is a step that is used to sequence emails and SMS.
  • benefit checkEvent Management: This section manages the actions taken in relation to the listing of real estate properties for sale. An event trigger is utilized in this case to perform a series of actions in response to the occurrence of any events linked to real estate properties.
  • benefit checkMailing Lists: This component involves the construction of a mailing list and the distribution of all essential and relevant information to all sellers, purchasers, and agents affiliated with the provided real estate property. Available options are manual selection, group email, and CSV file.
  • benefit checkNewsletters: This feature allows you to schedule and send newsletters. The administrator can choose to distribute the news letters to an existing mailing list or to new contacts. The newsletters may be sent by SMS or email and can be sent instantly or on a schedule.
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Contacts, Calendar, Activities & Messages

  • benefit checkUsing Contacts, agents and administrators may add, modify, or remove their personal contacts. They can manually enter contacts or bulk upload a CSV. They have the ability to filter, search, and sort contacts. They may also save the contacts as a CSV file. They can also directly call the contact over VOIP.
  • benefit checkA custom calendar management module is created with daily, weekly, and monthly views of events. The admin and agent can examine existing appointments and create new ones.
  • benefit checkActivities is a record of the actions of agents, sellers, buyers, managers, bloggers, events, triggers, and sequences. The activity across the system, together with their timestamp, is available for admin to evaluate in this section.
  • benefit checkUnder messagesection, the user may enter their Google account information and have all of their mails retrieved via POP3. The user may access all of their folders and create new emails.
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Performance metrics:

The admin can examine the agents' performance metrics and activity. The agent's performance is evaluated using the following steps:

  • benefit checkAgent Enrolled: This page lists all of the registered agents.
  • benefit checkTotal Deals: All of the transactions completed by the agents are included here.
  • benefit checkAverage Timeline: It denotes the completion of the complete workflow of the agents, beginning with transactions and ending with leads.
  • benefit checkHighest Commission: This column displays which agents earn the highest commission for their transactions.
  • benefit checkLongest Period: It indicates how long it took a property to transform into a transaction.
  • benefit checkTotal Interaction: This defines the interaction between the agents and the admin for the transaction.
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Custom API Development

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Custom API development for client data CRUD from Salesforce.

mobile app mobile

Custom API development for mobile apps.

mobile log mobile

Custom API development for user stats.

Technology Stack


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap,
and Datatables.


Laravel, and,



3rd party APIs

Twilio, Smarty-streets,
and PeopleFinder API.


checks Hundreds of leads.

checks Smooth marketing operations.

checks Easy to manage workflows and automations.

checks Bulk email and SMS solutions.



On the platform, there are hundreds of leads. The customized portal is simple to use for the users. Users can add new leads fast, manage their marketing operations, send bulks sms/emails, add custom workflows, and add custom triggers.


Testimonials and Ratings

Team DCI did an amazing job, and I am extremely pleased with the results. Their expertise and abilities are outstanding.

Shilen Amin

Director, Seller Bail Out


QUALITY ratings

New York, USA

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