To support your company's expansion, you need a website and application that supports Javascript that is fast, engaging, and responsive. Hire one of our AngularJS developers with proven experience to build a product that is future-proof and packed with the best features and functions.

Do not let a poor front end ruin your online visibility. To establish a strong online presence, use web apps that are powered by AngularJS.

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Our AngularJS Development Services

Capitalize on the expertise of our top AngularJS developers. Let them build aesthetically pleasing yet performance-driven custom solutions for your business. Dream Cyber Infoway offers scalable and secure solutions with an intuitive UI. We are a leading AngularJS development company that would help you provide a superior user experience to your customers.

Our solutions tie all the best features and functionalities into an excellent package. So don't hesitate to hire a dedicated angular developer team with us. Access our demonstrated experience and industry-best expertise to develop a future-ready web app. Use Angular JS to magnify your web presence and solidify your profits.

Single Page Application Development (SPA)
Single Page Application Development (SPA)

Build a user-friendly single-page application with exceptional user experience. Ensure your customers can navigate your application effectively and enthusiastically.

API Development
AngularJS API Development

Our top Angular JS developers can productively and promptly help you develop API for your application. They will streamline your product and make it potentially functional and valuable.

PWA Development
PWA Development

Develop a cost-effective, progressive Web Application for your website. Ensure your website is future-ready, versatile, performance-optimized, and generates fantastic ROIs.

Social Media Apps
Interactive Dashboards and Social Apps Development

Build engaging dashboard applications with solid visualization capabilities. It will help you better monitor and manage your business. Meanwhile, connect with your customers better with interactive social apps built on AngularJS.

Custom application
Custom application development

Our top Angular JS developers have demonstrated experience in successfully developing dynamic custom applications. They tailor the application exclusively to clients' requirements. They can proficiently do the same for you too.

Data Analysis Tools
Data Analysis Tools

AngularJS is one of the most trusted Javascript frameworks duly supported by Google. It is used to develop data analysis tools for better reporting, analysis, and strategizing.

UI/UX Development

Want customers to spend more time on your application? Build a creative, aesthetically pleasing application. A highly engaging UX/UI will enable quick and easy navigation for the end user. No longer will customers be in a hurry to bounce from your app.

AngularJS Migration Services
AngularJS Migration Services

We have a core offshore angular js developer team. We have the competency to readily migrate your existing application. So take your application from its current platform to the latest AngularJS version.

Customer Support
Support and Maintenance

Our capable team of top angular js developers can help you round the clock on all business days. Whether there are fixers or updates, we are always eager to help you with anything big or small in your AngularJS application.

Are you looking to hire an angular js developer team that can help you cohesively represent your business through your web app? We at Dream Cyber Infoway offer angular js development services to meet your distinct business needs. Showcase your business and its products/services in the most appealing way to the customers. Create a stellar presence on the web and capitalize on it to grow your business. Feel free to send us your requirements; our AngularJS consultants will contact you ASAP.

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What Makes AngularJS the Ideal Choice to Develop Your application?


Declarative UI

Declarative templates allow the developers to separate the application's logic from its presentation. It will enable speedier programming.

Two-way data binding

It allows sharing of data between component classes and their templates. It makes the development process seamless.

development process

MVC Architecture

AngularJS is built on MVC architecture. It makes developing a highly functional and performance-optimized application prompt and hassle-free.

AngularJS implementation

Reusable HTML Components

HTML is usually leveraged on the AngularJS framework for building UIs. That helps a great deal in practical implementation.

AngularJS testing

Easy Testing

AngularJS makes testing and debugging very easy. It helps in effectively reducing the total time taken in the development.

AngularJS code structure

Code consistency

Angular JS has a simple and easy code structure. It makes it very convenient for developers to do their job proficiently and promptly.

AngularJS codes

Modular Structure

AngularJS enables the developers to re-use the code. It helps immensely in speeding the development process. It also ensures that the codes remain clean and consistent.

Huge community and support

AngularJS has a massive global community that extends help to developers. Community support makes it easy for programmers to build products on this framework.

customer support

Top 9 Reasons that make us a globally acclaimed and trusted AngularJS Development Agency

A transparent and customer-focused approach

Your vision and expectations are the guiding force for us. We keep you duly engaged and informed throughout the development process.

Diversified domain proficiency

We have developed AngularJS applications and products in 25+ domains. We are fully equipped and experienced in developing the most dynamic and versatile solutions.

Technology Competency

Our senior AngularJS developers are up-to-date with all the aspects of different Angular JS versions. Rest assured. We can implement whatever you need professionally.

Robust solutions and In-depth analysis

We do detailed research and extensive planning before creating any application. As a result, we deliver highly robust and functional solutions.

Trusted deploy methods

We duly deploy your codes using proven deployment methods. That ensures nothing is broken once you go live, and you get seamless performance.

Transparent communication

You will have a dedicated point of contact throughout the development process. The assigned person will responsibly answer all your questions. They will keep you informed about your product. Any updates will be communicated to you promptly.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most efficient angular js development services at competitive prices. Rest assured. You will receive the most value for your money.

Flexible hiring models

We offer a range of hiring models to ensure you have the flexibility to pick what works best for you and your schedule.

Assured quality and support

We care to deliver only the best product and continue to handhold and support you for as long as you need.

4-Steps to our AngularJS Development Process

FREE Consultation

Business Consultation

One of our senior consultants will sync up with you as we receive your requirements. He will also be your primary point of contact.

Project analysis

Project Analysis

A team of senior AngularJS developers comes together to analyze your requirements. They understand your vision and prepare the most fitting development roadmap.

Development project

Project Initiation

After reaching a mutual understanding, we finalize the development roadmap. A dedicated team of AngularJS professionals will then be assigned to your project. The development will start immediately.


Execution and Delivery

Our honest endeavor is to ensure that the entire development process remains hassle-free. We deliver the project promptly and cost-effectively.

Experience and Expertise

hire angular.js programmer
  • We have been working for more than a decade now. During this time, our team has accumulated a breadth of knowledge that is unparalleled. With over 750 successful projects, we have helped clients in more than 20 countries worldwide.
  • Our expertise extends to the following domains: EdTech, Fintech, ITeS, Real Estate, Retail, E-commerce, News & Media, Sports, Telecom, Travel, Fashion, and Health & Fitness.
  • We have delved into challenging projects and have always lived to tell the tale. Our team comes together to build complex products that are multi-layered. We have worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, belonging to varied industries.
  • Harness the power of robust and versatile Javascript framework. Create highly interactive, scalable, flexible, and secure mobile-friendly web apps. We build apps that are easy to use and beautiful to look at. Our brilliant team of top Angular JS developers has a proven track record of developing hundreds of successful products and solutions. Let them do it for you too. Please write to us your requirements, and our consultants will contact you to take it further.
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Hire AngularJS Developer

We have worked hard to cement our reputation as a trusted AngularJS development agency. We have a proven track record of delivering highly creative, interactive, responsive, and high-performing AngularJS applications. We are more than happy to help you build your cherished dream, brick-by-brick. Hiring a dedicated angular developer with us is easy, quick, and hiccup-free.

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    Please write to us with your requirements.

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    Evaluation of scope of work

    We will evaluate your request and define the scope of work.

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    Assign Resources

    We will assign you our best AngularJS resource upon your approval of the work scope.

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    Pay via milestone or hourly system.

    We are comfortable with milestone payments as well as hourly contracts. What works best for you works for us!

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    Manage the project

    Once you assign the project, your hired AngularJS resource will get started on your project immediately.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are happy to sign an NDA.

Rest assured. You will have 100% ownership of your project. It includes NDA, copyright, source code, intellectual property rights, confidential letters, other MoUs, etc.

We are one of the most trusted AngularJS development companies out there. We have the resources to develop the most efficient AngularJS products and solutions. Our clientele extends across continents.

Once we gather your requirements, our senior consultants will analyze them and submit the tentative time frame accordingly.

You do not have to worry. We will assign you a point of contact, preferably a project manager or a head of delivery. The designated manager or delivery head will communicate with you and resolve all your doubts and queries.

Yes, we at Dream Cyber Infoway provide support and maintenance services. Once the development process is completed, we continue to provide services such as fixes, framework updates, troubleshooting, etc. We aim to provide you with a perfectly functioning product that is entirely glitch-free and performs seamlessly.

Yes, we do! We will provide support and bug-fixing without extra charges for the next 45 days after the project goes live.

Our team mainly uses two tools- Teamwork and Jira, for communication, collaboration, and project management.

You can build a variety of apps using Angular JS. It includes single-page apps, mobile apps, chrome extensions, progressive web apps, firebase-powered apps, simple web apps, and enterprise web apps.

The best use case for AngularJS is for creating high-performing and highly responsive applications. Particularly apps that require creative UX/UI, excellent navigation, and fantastic uptime. However, there are many other use cases for which AngularJS could be used, namely:

  • • Single-page apps
  • • E-commerce apps
  • • Real-time apps
  • • Enterprise web apps
  • • Social media apps
  • • Chat applications
  • • Progressive web apps
  • • Server-side rendered apps, among others.

AngularJS is a Javascript-based framework duly supported and managed by Google. It allows you to build highly interactive and responsible single-page applications. Angular JS applications are engaging, easy-to-navigate UI/UX, and boast dynamic front-ends.

Given its robustness and versatility, Angular JS, without a doubt, is considered the best framework for creating dynamic solutions. Angular JS solutions are highly interactive and incredibly easy to scale. They effectively operate even under heavy traffic, delivering an overall stellar user experience. There are many notable advantages of using AngularJS, such as:

  • • Codes are reusable.
  • • Shortens the timeframe of the development process.
  • • The design architecture is superior.
  • • It is easy to learn this framework.
  • • The components available for plug-and-play are improved.
  • • The framework helps you build solutions that are compatible with multiple platforms.
  • • Comes with Google support and maintenance.
  • • Solutions built using AngularJS are platform-independent.

Sure, you can! AngularJS is the most popular framework for building Single-page applications.

You will have a dedicated project manager who will monitor the entire development process and keep you updated.

Several aspects determine the cost of web or app development using AngularJS. Depending upon your specific requirements and goals, complexities involved, type of application, and other such factors, we provide you with a quotation. We proceed with the project only after getting approval from your side on the quote.

Yes, we do provide design services for your AngularJS application. If you have a design already, we will work around it. Otherwise, we design and develop the product from the bottom up.

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Cultivate a strong digital presence for your brand with an AngularJS-powered platform. Leverage the expertise of top Angular JS developers to attract audiences and make them stay for more.