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Dream Cyber Infoway is the analytical lens you need to smoothen out the complex process of sorting credit affairs. We will pick every thorn in your path by arming you with credit repair crm software suited to your organization's specific needs.

Few can bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. But you can close that distance. Use the expertise of DCI to find what would be the best software for credit repair business. It will enable you to push all your tedious tasks off the shelf. Before you know it, your business will be climbing the ladder of success.

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What exactly is a Credit Repair Solution?

A reliable credit repair solution works as a suite of tools. These tools help establish, run, and grow your profitable credit repair business. If you are yet to get involved in providing credit repair services, this could be the right time. Use DCI’s credit repair crm to offer these services to your existing customers. After all, it doesn't hurt to add a new revenue stream to your business.

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Challenges facing offline credit repair businesses

The single most crucial challenge of any business today is market saturation. It is no different for credit repair businesses. There are too many, and they promise far more than they can deliver. Clients cannot see the progress in real time and therefore, cannot understand what is going on with their project. Online credit repair software is an easy solution to this.

best credit repair software for business

How can we help?

DCI will plug you with one of the best credit repair software for business. The software will take the particularities of your business into account. DCI’s credit repair business software is synonymous with an all-in-one solution. It will allow your clients to follow their progress in real-time. You can conduct an in-depth analysis of your client's information. As a firm providing credit repair services to customers, you can streamline your process by deploying an easy-to-use CRM.

Information from the Credit bureau is also accessible in an easy-to-read manner. In addition to that, we at DCI are committed to saving you from the monthly payment hassle. You will get access to top credit repair software services without any monthly fee!


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    Convert your offline credit repair business into an online multi-million dollar enterprise.

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    Integrate many bureaus to take advantage of the full scope of our credit repair software online.

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    Transfer all manual work to a digital system.

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    You can track leads, customers, and credit data with ease.

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    Use DCI’s custom processes to automate the credit repair procedure.

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    Simplify your reporting and billing system.

Product Features

website for brands website for brands back

Multi-Brand Support

The CRM platform supports multiple brands and white-label solutions.

multiple users multiple users back

Multiple user roles and permissions

The different user roles control features and access levels. The system facilitates multiple roles.

leads management leads management back

Leads Management

Handle all kinds of leads- hot leads, warm leads, cold leads; you name it. Custom sorting/filtering is another capability you can deploy to handle leads.

client management client management back

Client Management

You can edit and view the information of registered clients. Again, you can use custom sorting/filtering capability to manage clients.

custom app custom app back

Custom Workflows

Custom workflows, sales funnels, sequences, and triggers are all doable.

credit reports credit reports back

Credit Reports

Client-wise credit reports from different bureaus like TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax are available.

dispute letter dispute letter back

Dispute Letters Management

You can track dispute letters, and you can also set the rules for raising a dispute.

website documentation website documentation back

Documents Management

You can securely save all customer documents, and the administrator can easily manage the same.

management memberships management memberships back

Membership Management

Agencies can create unique membership plans. You can develop specific membership plans for your customers.

payment reports payment reports back

Payment Reports

You can update payment reports on a weekly, monthly, annual, or custom basis.

tasks notes tasks notes back

Tasks and Notes

You can add tasks and notes.

email newsletters email newsletters back

Emails and Newsletters

You can manage bulk emails, newsletters, and custom mailing lists.

calendar calendar credit restoration software


A calendar is available for arranging appointments with leads and clients.

rewards rewards back

Refer & Reward

An affiliate program will be accessible.

Client Portal Features


Registration, plan selection, and payment options are all available.


The secure interviewer system enables you to get authentication from credit agencies such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.


The most recent credit score and summary are visible on the dashboard.


It displays detailed credit scores and credit account information.


It holds a record of disputed items.


It enables clients to earn prizes and monetary advantages by referring others.


It enables clients to upload their documents securely.

Integration with 3rd party tools and APIs


You can integrate with credit bureaus such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.


You can integrate third-party email software such as Amazon SES and Sendgrid.


You can integrate Third-party SMS software integration, such as Twilio.


You can integrate third-party fax software, such as Faxage.

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DCI neatly ties many credit repair solutions in a package that specifically caters to your professional needs. We understand that you wouldn’t want to settle for anything less than the best credit repair software for professionals. We have everything you need to take your business to the next level. Use all the finest features that the current technology provides to catapult your business and take charge of your success. After giving our personalized software a chance, you will never go back to using the one-size-fits-all ready-made tools.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit repair is when entities (individuals, firms, etc.) approach specialized firms to eliminate errors in credit reports. The aim is to get a better credit score for the client. Depending upon the kind of Credit Repair Business you want to run, you can add a bunch of other services alongside credit repair. For example, Credit monitoring, drafting and sending cease and desist letters to debt collectors, etc.

Yes, it is. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, entities have a right to the credit repair process. Nothing you do as part of this process could be deemed illegal.

Credit repair companies use the best credit repair software for business to drop negative entries. Depending on the software's effectiveness, you can point out the problematic aspects of your client's credit history. You can optimize their credit report by going through the particulars of their credit history. Hence, it maximizes the chances of improving credit scores.

An individual or firm can go ahead and do the entire process themselves, yes. But, taking help from professional credit repair firms allows them to circumvent avoidable mistakes. It is particularly important in those cases where the mistakes cannot be rectified. So yes, they need you to help with the credit repair process.

It has never been more lucrative to run a credit repair business. Especially if you have the best credit repair software for small business, if you have reliable credit repair software, you can manage many clients by automating aspects such as payments, contracts, etc.

Credit Repair Software will help remove false or incorrect information from your client's credit report. It will help you better the client's credit score, and there will be fewer negative points than before. The errors tend to occur because the three big credit bureaus use the E-Oscar system, an automated dispute system. The system digitally accepts disputes and delivers responses. As a result, many credit reports have erroneous or false information that negatively impacts the credit score.

The only credential you need is the testimonials from your clients. You can easily help your clients better their credit scores by using DCI’s credit repair crm software. Once you have helped them, surely they will be more than happy to give you a shout-out. With good word of mouth, you will get even more clients, and your business will grow. Also, given the ease of use of DCI's credit restoration software, you don't have to worry about not having enough experience. Your understanding of how the credit repair process works will get better as you work with more and more clients.

You can bring results for your clients in just a few days, but sometimes, it may take a bit longer. The duration usually depends on the number of items that are on the credit report of your client. As is true with everything, there always be some elements that would be outside of your, or for that matter, anyone else's control. Still, there are a few ways you can adopt to fasten the process for your clients. One of the ways is to use the best software for credit repair business available in the market.

As a credit repair business, some specific actions you can take to improve your client's credit score are as under:
• You will have to check the credit reports of your clients to ascertain if there are any errors and false information.
• If you find inaccuracies, it is your responsibility to raise the dispute with credit bureaus.
• You will also be responsible for informing your clients about the inaccuracies in their reports.
• You will then help your clients to adopt good credit habits, such as paying bills on time and keeping credit card balances low.
• You will also negotiate with creditors on behalf of your clients, with an intent to settle all outstanding loans and to get rid of negative items on your client's credit report.
• You will also have to inform and educate your clients on how credit repair works and how they can slowly but surely improve their credit scores.
• You can also offer personalized credit counseling and financial advice to help your clients navigate their finances in a more efficient and effective manner.

You can handle disputes with credit bureaus and creditors by following the steps below:
• Once you have gotten the client's credit report, asses and find out inaccuracies that you can dispute.
• You should then prepare a dispute letter for every item that you think is erroneous or falsely negative. In the letter, you must clearly mention the rationale behind the disputes.
• You can then submit the dispute letter to the credit bureau/creditor via certified mail. The mail must request a return receipt in order to get you proof of delivery.
• Keep detailed records of all communication with the credit bureau/ creditor. This includes dates and times of phone calls and names of individuals you speak with.
• Follow up regularly with the credit bureau/creditor to ensure that the dispute is being processed in a timely manner.
• If the credit bureau/creditor fails to resolve the dispute, consider escalating the matter to a higher authority or seeking legal advice.
• Remember to always act in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other relevant laws and regulations.

Even though it is not obligatory, you should strive to provide access to an online portal. It will help you stand out in the saturated market of credit repair services. By enabling your clients to track their progress online, you will make them happy, and in turn, they will help your business grow. Also, DCI’s credit repair crm is built to support multiple users, making it easier for you to give your clients what they want.

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