Work Methodology

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Our process begins with an initial consultation session.
  • We listen to your requirements (functional as well as technical).
  • We ask questions (loads of questions).
  • We brainstorm together with you to better understand your project. (We do not work for our clients. We team up with them.)
*Signing an NDA is no hassle for us. **If you have a comprehensive RFQ ready, you can save time and skip the initial consultation.

Finalize On The Requirement & Scope

Next, we mutually settle on the final requirement.
  • We listen to our clients and also provide inputs from our side.
  • We present out-of-the-box strategies and concepts.
  • Once the final requirement document is ready, we place our closing quote. It includes details of resources involved, time frame, and price.
*We are open to discussion and negotiation in special cases.
**A detailed proposal/quote is provided on demand.
Finalize On The Requirement & Scope
Sign the Contract

Sign the Contract

Once the final requirement and quote are agreed upon, the contract is signed.
  • At the time of signing the deal, the client will need to pay the advance via credit card or wire transfer.
  • Next, we assign a project manager who will be the point of contact for the client.
  • We kick-start the project, as soon as we receive the advance.
*Signing an NDA is no hassle for us. **You can save time by skipping the initial consultation if you have a comprehensive RFQ ready with you.

Final Wire-Frame Presentation

After the contract is signed and processed, the ultimate blueprint of the project is presented.
  • Wire-frame contains the details of all the alterations and important milestones to be achieved during the development process.
  • Any changes, if at all, should be made at this stage. (Please make sure that alterations suggested by you are not beyond the finalized scope of the project.)
  • A written approval confirming the amended and final project plan is required from the client to avoid disputes and confusion in the future.
*We need 10 days after receiving the signed contract and advance payment to present the project blueprint.
Final Wire-Frame Presentation
Design & Development

Design & Development

We get into real business now.
  • To move the project faster our efficient team works on development and design simultaneously.
  • We will present a design questionnaire to the client. Based on the answers received, we will prepare the mockup design and send it to the client for approval.
  • Development work takes place in the meantime.
  • The work-in-progress is uploaded on a pre-designated URL for the client to review the project and stay updated.
  • Subsequently, user interfaces and written specifications start taking shape.
  • The designated Project Manager conducts daily scrums to ensure that daily tasks are delivered promptly and to finalize future tasks.
*Our preferred mode of communication is via Skype or email. **Our escalation models make sure that all your concerns and queries are settled promptly.


We appreciate and encourage client monitoring. We dislike communication gap the most.
  • Regular updates and timesheets are sent to you.
  • We expect you to check on the progress of work to confirm that the designed features and functionalities are up to your satisfaction.
  • Every week, on a pre-appointed date of the client's choice, a product demo is shown. Clients can take a bird-eye-view of the project and ask questions if any. Next, a sprint planning meeting is organized to discuss and finalize next week's tasks.
* Weekly feedback from clients is critical and mandatory.

Testing and Pro-rata Payments

It is human to make mistakes. We might make them as well.
  • Our skilled testing team carries out the primary testing on all the features, functionalities, and codes. (Asana and Mantis are used for bug tracking.)
  • Next, quality testing is conducted on each module.
  • As soon as the beta version of the application is completed, another round of testing is done on our server.
  • We take payments on a pro-rata basis, that is, in a phased manner on completion of each designated milestone.

Go Live

Once we are through with the detailed testing of all the modules and applications; it is time to GO LIVE.
  • We kick-start the process of launching the project upon receiving approval from the client on the final version of the product.
  • On receiving the 100% payment, we initiate the process of code transition to the server designated by you.
* Project completion formalities require the client's written acceptance and sign-off; along with client feedback.
Go Live
Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support post ‘Go Live’

We want and seek a long-lasting relationship with our clients.
  • Post the warranty period, we would be happy to enter into an Annual Maintenance Contract with our clients.
  • We will update you on the latest features and carry out updates to make sure your application is future-ready.
  • You can also hire our internet marketing team for improved exposure on the web. Internet marketing will take you to your target audience and bring conversions.

The Ethics That Dictate Our Work

  • For us, Customer Satisfaction is Paramount: Our single biggest priority is to work in absolute alignment with client requirements. We work hard for the approval of our clients.
  • Passion coupled with Dedication: We have a hardworking group of brilliantly skilled professionals on our team who are equally passionate and dedicated to bringing their best foot forward.
  • We Believe in Open Communication: We are only an Email, a Call, or a Skype away from clients.
  • Actions Speak Louder than Words: Instead of promising you the moon, we believe in delivering concrete results that speak for themselves.
  • Cooperation and Coordination: Going back and forth with a client is not an issue with us. We make sure we are on the same page as our client before progressing further.
  • Incorporate past Learnings: We implement prior learnings to constantly evolve our work methodology, making it better, faster, and more efficient.

Let’s Brainstorm Together!

Our development methodology is built around conversing with clients to find the best approach so that efficient and economical solutions can be created and timely development can be achieved.

Let us help you figure out the best way to realize your projects. We love to talk. Hence, all the initial consultations come free to our prospective clients. We are waiting to hear from you.

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