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About Company

The Credit Pros is the fastest-growing American company in the fintech credit repair space. The organization is dedicated to providing excellent customer service by resolving credit-related concerns. It was included in the Inc. 5000 list, which consists of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. based on revenue growth rates. The firm offers competent help to its clients by protecting them against credit-related fraud. The company is also an EdTech firm, as it teaches, trains, and familiarizes its clients with the working of the credit system. It does that by offering its customers free consultations in several languages. It is a part of the company's initiative towards enhancing the credit scores of its clients.

Services offered

CRM, back-end development, front-end development, mobile app development, custom API development, and 3rd party API integration.


(More than six years)


Florida, USA

Industry Type

Credit Repair
and FinTech

Client Requirements

  • An easy-to-use, customer relationship management system covers all the major business departments. Particularly leads, clients, reports, workflows, tasks, calendars, billing, and roles.

  • User-friendly, front-end portal contains easy to read credit reports. Users can upload documents, see questionnaires, dashboard with charts/graphs, and manage disputes.

  • TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian Credit bureaus integration using API.

  • Salesforce, Twilio, Smarty streets, Faxage, and Sendgrid API integration.

  • Mobile app development.

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Our Solution

We assisted the client by providing them with a mobile app development service. The intent behind developing a mobile app was to create a platform that TCP customers could use. They needed the platform to get factually accurate information about their credit data. We built a unique CRM tool. The TCP team did everything with it. They managed leads and clients, organized reports and processes. They automated tasks such as calendar and billing. They also used it to delegate roles and responsibilities within the in-house team. We developed a user-friendly, front-end application via which consumers can access dashboards. These dashboards display charts/graphs and credit reports. Dashboards also provide options on dispute management and document uploading.

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CRM Features

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Multiple Brands

We created a SAAS-based CRM platform. Hence, it can simultaneously support multiple brands and white-label solutions.

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Multiple user roles and permissions

The platform enables the creation of different roles. The user's roles control features and access levels.

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Leads Management

The mobile application allows customers to manage hot, warm, and other types of leads. It is because the option of custom sorting/filtering is available.

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Client Management

The option of sort/filter exists within the online app. Hence, making it easy to change or update the information provided by a Registered client.

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Custom Workflows

Mobile app developers have designed this app to support custom workflows. The platform also supports sales funnels, sequences, and triggers.

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Credit Reports

The platform provides whatever the customers need. Including the client-wise credit reports from different bureaus like TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.

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Dispute Letters Management

The online application facilitates the monitoring of Dispute letters. It also allows the client to set the rules under which a dispute can be raised.


Documents Management

The platform securely saves all customer documents and only allows the administrator to manage those files.

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Membership Management

The client can create unique membership plans for their customers if they want. The platform makes it easier to manage different membership plans.

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Payment Reports

There are multiple options for managing payment reports on the platform. The client can manage them weekly, monthly, annually, or custom.

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Tasks and Notes

Our mobile app design and development team has ensured users find adding tasks and notes easy.

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Emails and Newsletters

One major advantage of using customized mobile applications is managing bulk, repetitive work. The client can manage bulk emails, newsletters, and custom mailing lists.

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A competent online platform should simplify scheduling appointments with leads and clients. The calendar is included for precisely this reason.

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Refer & Reward

A reference reward system incentivizes existing customers to bring prospective customers in. Hence, there is an affiliate program accessible on the platform.

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Client Portal Features


Registration, plan selection, and payment options are all available on the platform.


The platform has a secure interviewer system. It allows the user to get authentication from credit agencies such as TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.


Every latest information that a user might want to know or stay updated on is displayed on the dashboard. This way, the online portal makes it easy for users to access that information.


The latest credit account information is available on the mobile application. It includes the credit score and the credit report summary. Any user can easily access it.


The mobile app design and development process equips the platform to maintain a record of disputed items. It makes it easier for the users to track those disputed items.


The presence of an affiliate system offers a monetary incentive to users. It encourages them to recommend the service to others.


Our mobile app development service enables users to upload their documents securely.

Custom API Development

salesforce api

Custom API development for client data CRUD from Salesforce.

mobile apps api

Custom API development for mobile apps.

app portfolio api

Custom API development for user stats.

Technology Stack


Angular JS, HTML, CSS, and Datatables.


PHP 7, Codeigniter,
and, MySql.


AWS EC2, AWS S3, and,

3rd party APIs

Salesforce, Array, Sendgrid, Twilio, Faxage, Smarty-streets, Zendesk chat


check Currently, there are 18, 000+ active users on the platform.

check Our experienced team of mobile app developers has created an easy-to-use CRM.

check Deploying custom app development, we have created a fast-loading customer portal.

check For the past six years, this platform has been ongoing.

check As many as six dedicated resources are working on this platform.



With almost 18,000 active users, the platform has attracted quite an audience. Services offered include easy-to-comprehend credit reports and score insights, personalized for every user. Customers have found it incredibly easy to use the CRM. The platform's tools help users understand their scores and take appropriate actions. The platform efficiently combines publicly available debt and personal identification information. Merging that data, the platform provides the complete financial credit information of the user. That report is presented in an easy-to-understand form for users to access. The report contains all the negative items that are removed from the credit score. This helps customers to improve their credit scores and gives them the highest level of satisfaction.


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CEO, The Credit Pros

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