My business was taking shape. It displayed a hockey stick graph, and I was jubilant about this. However, with growing business, I was facing new challenges every day. The primary challenge that I was facing was managing my existing clients competently, as well as, managing my leads. Managing my books and accounting was yet another challenge.



Therefore, like everyone else I also googled about my problem and after some basic research I was convinced that I need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. I quickly pulled out a list of some CRM companies that topped the Google search list and asked for a quote.


I found one of them pretty reasonable and what impressed me most was that it was so comprehensive. It had a really long list of features inside it.  Least did I know then that this long list of feature is actually a problem. Within two months of installation, I found that I was using less than 30% of the CRM only. Besides, it exactly lacked a couple of features that I needed most. In addition to that, I was paying a hefty monthly fee for this heavy-weight software.


Next thing that I did after this, which I should have done earlier, was approaching a custom CRM development company 2 blocks next to my office. Their CRM software developer asked not less than 50 questions to me about my business. Analyzed each and every business process and respective challenge and then gave me a final quote rather than presenting a random and general solution. That kind of hit me why a custom CRM software development is always more suitable.


Here are the key reasons why I would always vote for a custom CRM development:


CRM should fit into your organizational structure and not vice versa:

It is only after you have invested your time and money when you begin to gradually and steadily realize that you have picked up software that is demanding a lot of changes in the operational workflows and processes of your organization. An off-the-shelf CRM might just expect you to turn all your departments and work methodologies upside down. Besides, they are very general and do not take into consideration important aspects like the size of the business, industry, etc.


Expensive, heavy-weight, and cumbersome

Readymade CRMs are bloated with unnecessary features and functionalities loaded in it. That makes the installation process pointlessly cumbersome. Besides, you go on paying for features that you do not even use.


Custom CRM integrates with existing software under operation

When you pick up on a custom CRM software development, it is curated especially for your business that takes into consideration the size of your business, your industry, and most importantly all the existing functional systems of the business. Custom CRM integrates flawlessly within the business and adds immense value without any complication.


Better user acceptance leading to increased productivity

Light weight, easy to manage, and comprehend software are more trainable as well. It receives a better user acceptance and hence profoundly amplifies the productivity of employees leading to the improved overall performance of the enterprise.

Posted On: 13 Jul 2018

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