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Customer Relationship Management is the spine of your business. Better you provide for your clientele, faster your business will grow.

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Any standard CRM software would mostly meet 80% of your business requirements only or sometimes even lesser. But, a ‘tailor Made CRM’ will meet 100% of it. Custom CRM Development gears you up to tackle the unique challenges of your business.
Challenges with Readymade CRM?

Readymade CRM, as the name suggests may sound easy-to-handle, quick-fix for your Customer Relationship Management concerns; but here are the key challenges they pose eventually

  • Exaggerated set of features that overload the software
  • Overstated cost
  • Does not meet all the business requirements
  • Integration issues with other software under use in the organization
How we can Help?

We are home to many custom CRM developers who are expert and have delivered hundreds of highly optimized custom CRM development services productively.

  • Custom CRM solution matching the exact needs of your business
  • Faster and hassle-free deployment
  • Value-driven cost effective light-weight solution
  • Team of highly motivated professionals ready to serve

Are you looking to hire a competent CRM development company? If yes, please hire CRM developer with us to help you develop a top-notch future-ready CRM application that will help you propel your business faster. Please send your requirements, and our CRM consultants will connect with you at the earliest.

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CRM Development Services

Customer Relationship Management Services help businesses on a super large scale and its efficiency proves beneficial in the longer run. What you are looking out for is the best CRM development company in the market to serve you with top notch CRM software development services

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CRM Consulting

Your business does not just deserve random development but it deserves great innovations to thrive in the market. Your business deserves coming across a CRM development company to acquire the best of guidance. With Dream Cyber Infoway you get to seek grade A consultations for planning and developing a CRM software that best fits your business and suits it enough to help you grow enormously.

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CRM Implementation

Planning, Developing and bringing your Dream CRM Software to life are the game changing roles that DCI - your go to CRM software development company would play to bring to you an ideal and perfectly automated business lifestyle. We provide CRM Implementation with continuous validations from you and experts along with a few timely enhancements from the team.

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CRM Business
Process Automation

Who wouldn’t like to own a large scale business yet be stress free at all levels? With Dream Cyber Infoway you can feel free to rely on technology and automate your process which otherwise might be tedious and time consuming. Automation services leave you error free and way more efficient at your tasks.

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Custom CRM
Development Solutions

Even though there are hundreds running the same business as yours, you would anyway like your business to be different from everybody else’s. A different business means a different CRM Software. DCI thus presents to you its Custom CRM development Services so that you still stand out of the box and keep your business running uphill.

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CRM Mobile Apps

CRM Mobile apps keep everything in your business handy for you. From records to leads and everything in between you are just a click away from tackling it all. We comprise a team of CRM application developers that serve you with apps that prevent the hustle of large systems. It keeps your business organised and customer, user as well as developer friendly.

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CRM Data Migration from
Legacy CRM or Spreadsheets

You do not have to worry if you have been storing your business data in Spreadsheets or on some already existing CRM Software. Dream Cyber Infoway assists you in migrating your data without losing or damaging any of it from that particular platform to your very new and personalised CRM Software.

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Cloud based
CRM Services

We, at Dream Cyber Infoway allow you to access the services also directly through the internet and thus Cloud Based CRM development Services come into play. Cloud based CRM are basically softwares that are hosted on CRM provider’s servers and get accessed by the customers through the internet.

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UI/UX Design

A perfectly built user interface promotes better interaction between the business and its clients. The convenience of the user depends a lot on the UI/UX Design. We therefore design decent and requirement specific UI/UX to ease up the effective interlinkage among the two - service provider and the receiver.

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CRM Maintenance
and Upgradations

As time takes a toll on everything, regular upgrades keeping up with the trends in the business are necessary. We provide maintenance and support with the developed software after deployment. The CRM thus remains up to date and casually occurring errors are frequently solved to avoid any long term issues.

Choose from different CRM functionality to build

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We aid you in the best time management, lead prioritization and daily schedule prioritization for your sales staff to continually provide excellent sales performance

  • check Automation of workflow
  • check Organised data
  • check lead and account management
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Marketing and Customer Engagements

Helps businesses communicate with customers in a tailored way through several touchpoints.

  • check Social Media Marketing
  • check Digital marketing
  • check Mobile communication
  • check Customer journey builder
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Customer Service

Aids in the quick organisation of client case resolution and supports patron loyalty

  • check Field service management
  • check Knowledge base with useful articles
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CPQ and billing

Increases the likelihood of a contract by automating quotes and assisting in faster customer response.

  • check Automated billing process
  • check Automated detection of upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • check Complex quotation generating depending on established criteria: quantity, extra features, discounts, etc.
cloud based services

Order Fulfilments

Facilitates precise and quick order fulfilment and delivery. Grows to accommodate huge order quantities.

  • check Automated generation of packing slips
  • check Intelligent order distribution to several stock locations
  • check Return Management
ecommerce solutions


Provides customers with the option of self-service and lessens the workload for customer service. Also reduces the cost of employing new work people.

  • check Branded customer portal
  • check Customer forum
  • check Order placement and management
Wondering, if your business needs a custom CRM development services?
A CRM is not just a ‘yet another software.’ It should reflect your business philosophy and strategy indeed. That is why we strongly recommend for custom CRM Software Development.
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Light Weight yet more efficient

Custom CRM Application Development will ensure that the software matches the exact needs of your business. That is why it continues to be light-weight; yet delivers a much higher value than any packaged CRM can ever do. Besides, deployment of heavy-weight ready-to-use software, loaded with un-necessary features is an expensive and complex affair.

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Better integration

Custom CRM solutions ensures that it matches your business needs precisely and that the custom CRM developer synchs well with the existing business environment to provide a quality result for your customers.


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Cost Effective

Most of the boxed software charge a license fee based on per user model instead of usage-based model. However, not every employee in the organization is going to use the CRM equally extensively. Besides, you end up paying for so many features that you do not even use in the first place.

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CRM-Centric Apps to do business better

A custom CRM is a made to order software that has a huge scope of flexibility in it. One can launch numerous CRM - centric apps like department wise ticketing system, or else, a survey tool as and when you like.

Essentials for Custom CRM

At Dream Cyber Infoway we understand that your business has a distinct business model that follows a specific work methodology and no off-the-shelf software can do the needful. You need a made to order CRM Software Development that will take every aspect of your business under scanner and deliver to the optimum.


Custom Workflow

Every business process incorporates workflow of complex business procedures to meet their unique requirement. It further simplifies:

  • check Setup of custom workflow to meet your business requirement
  • check Streamline working within various departments with fewer Redundancies
  • check Improvised accountability and transparency in leads management
  • check Create n-number of workflow steps without changing the programming
  • check Provision of drag and drop interface to change the order of workflow steps
CRM Software development services
CRM software

Secure Central Repository of Data

A secure and consolidated storehouse, which acts as a central repository, is provided to store all the valuable business data records appropriately. It has various benefits, such as:

  • check Presence of comprehensive data to store valuable business insights
  • check Helps to track key data like orders, quotations, customers & marketing campaigns
  • check Integrate with Amazon S3 to allow data to dwell in a safe and secure environment with data backup storage facility
  • check Provision of server side validation and enhanced security
  • check Utilization of encryption techniques like Mcrypt & MD5 to store the data

Loaded with Essential Tools

Custom CRM software comes with highly enhanced and secure CRM software tools to meet the expectations in the business environment. Some of the important CRM modules are:

  • check Workflow manager with leads, contacts and Opportunity manager
  • check Lead capture forms integration & sales automation to manage potential clients for business
  • check Appointments scheduler with Google calendar integration & tasks manager
  • check Email marketing modules and custom notifications to regularly update the clients
  • check Quotations, invoices & payments manager
  • check Sequences & Triggers, email notifications & bulk
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Integration with 3rd Party CRMs and APIs

3rd party integration helps you to stay relevant in this fast-paced digital business world by helping you to achieve amplified KPIs. We provide successful integration of CRM with:

  • check Accounting API such as QuickBooks, Xero & FreshBooks to manage invoice & finance
  • check Bulk Email API such as Sendgrid, Mailchimp & Amazon SES for sending updates
  • check Payment API such as Paypal, Stripe & etc. for online transaction
  • check Voice Calling & SMS API such as Twillio, Nexmo & Textlocal for sending reminders
  • check Shipping API such as USPS & UPS for processing orders and supplier’s information
  • check CRM API such as SugarCRM to create extraordinary customer relationship
  • check Cloud Software such as Salesforce, Zoho, freshworks to manage cloud-based sales & services

Enable data intelligence across all business functions

Integration of Data Intelligence across all your business functions makes your data way more reliable on your systems. You make decisions in a wiser and more impactful way. Thus you easily achieve better client engagement, client retention and gains of efficiency so your pocket friendly business processes get easy to carry out. Integrating analytics into your CRM products provides you with:

  • check Automated data collection
  • check AI powered responses to real time changes in original data
  • check Suggestions for the next best step for your business

Our custom CRM development services will bring you the following

  • check

    High customer retention rate

  • check

    Increased revenue and customer satisfaction

  • check

    Optimized marketing strategies

  • check

    Improved communication between various departments

  • check

    Gaining valuable insights and analytics

  • check

    Automation of tasks

  • check

    Improved customer service and efficiency

  • check

    Improved sales productivity

Our Commitment To You

A proficient Custom CRM curated expressly for you that will adapt with the unique and regular challenges of your business readily and effectively.


Self manageable

You get the complete ownership of your codes and designs. That will allow you to tweak your CRM Software yourself. For bigger things, we are always there by your side.


100% customizable and compatible

Our CRM Software Developer will ensure that your software is 100% customized to fit well into your business and industry environment. Moreover, custom CRM development is carried out keeping in mind that the software is fully compatible with all the other business processes and workflows under operation in the organization.


Easy-to-use Interface

We are a decade old custom CRM development company, and we know any software is justified only if it is enthusiastically accepted and used by the users with minimal training. We give special emphasis at creating a user-friendly interface containing an intelligent control-panel that leads to great user experience and improved performance.


Faster deployment and excellent post deployment support

Our authority CRM Developers ensure that the whole deployment process remains hassle-free and seamless for you. In addition to that, we are ever-ready to help you even post deployment. So, the time has ripened to hire CRM developers to get avail to the above given wonderful services.


Value for price

Providing you with a cost-effective solution is essential to us. We are committed to develop value-driven software that can display measurable benefits. An improved ROI for you means the ultimate success to us.


Robust and bug free codes

Breakdowns are embarrassing. Our excellent team of coders work conscientiously to ensure you get the most robust and 100% bug free website.

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Want to Get Clear-Cut Results? Contact Dream Cyber Infoway as..

We are a reputed CRM Software Development Company which has highly specialized professionals who are capable of handling anything from basic to complex applications to deliver bug-free and perfect working solutions. If you require customized processes with limited need for automation, we will assist you keeping in mind various aspects such as performance, security, audit, and usability to develop a robust framework at your service.

Before deciding on the operational and technical approaches, our skilled team of professionals spent a considerable amount of time in identifying some specifics which will be required for the smooth functioning of your business processes. Thereby, we are a dedicated crm application development company which work hard to provide precise and genuine solutions to our beloved customers. Contact us and get industry-based CRM service at your doorstep.


Frequently Asked Questions

A CRM is a system software that stands for “Customer Relationship Management”. As the name suggests, it helps businesses to keep easy interactions with current clients and potential customers.

CRM development is one of the best decisions you would make for your business as it would completely automate all your business processes and free you of a lot of hustle. It would reduce the chances of errors, clumsiness of data and organise your business. To top it all, you save a lot of cost by refraining from employing people for tiny jobs.

A custom CRM Software provides you with all the personalization you deserve for your business. It makes all your jobs flexible and eases out the processes by striking off what is not needed for your business process. It builds convenience for both the user and the customer.

Yes. If you can readily import data not just from a readymade CRM but also from Spreadsheets if your business has been functioning on it lately.

Since no two businesses are completely the same, no two CRM Softwares for businesses can be the exact same. The cost of a custom CRM varies from one developed application to another. The requirements based on which development takes place are first gathered and then a reasonable estimate is put out.

A custom CRM multiplies your business performance. It saves you from tedious tasks and prevents things from getting heavy on your pockets. It saves time and increases efficiency. It narrows down the possibilities of errors.

Yes. An existing CRM system can be upgraded to keep up with business requirements.

Your requirement of a custom CRM that fulfils your industry and unique workflow needs can be easily met with Dream Cyber Infoway.

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