Key reasons telecom companies should avoid a CRM from the shelf

Key reasons telecom companies should avoid a CRM from the shelf

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Custom CRM development

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Telecom is a cut-throat market. There are new entrants every day. And, then there are gorilla firms, who have enough financial muscle and other resources to ensure that their position stays secured. With so much of competition and challenges, the industry is getting more and more chaotic, and difficult to survive, forget about scaling up.

But of course, then there are so many telecom-enterprises that are doing fantastic and achieving milestones. One of the critical things to stay and grow in any business is by being organized. And, the first step to doing organized business is by ensuring that your customer relations are being managed efficiently.

Now, that makes the involvement of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software a very critical one in your day to day business, not just for your short term goals like converting the next lead but also for the long-term goals like beating your competition or doubling the bottom line.

The catch here is if you pick any CRM from the shelf, you are doing exactly what others in your industry are doing. Therefore, what you must do is choose an experienced custom CRM development agency, and get your CRM tailored, exclusively for your business.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of doing this:

1) You accomplish more with less:

Custom CRMs are developed for your business. Hence, all the unnecessary features and functionalities, which you would encounter in any ready made CRM, are cut. Without the unwanted weight, your software is focused on the necessary elements, hence it is less complicated and easy to understand for your employees.

2)    Easy to maintain and upgrade:

In the long term aspect, custom CRM is always better. Whenever you want a specific functionality added or tweaked, you can easily approach your custom CRM Developer and ask them to add it. In case, you are using software from the shelf; this will not be the case.

3)    Easy to integrate and train:

Custom CRM is usually designed in a way to ensure that it merges effortlessly with all the other software systems already up and running in your business. Hence, any kind of data migration or software integration becomes very easy. Also, custom CRM is more trainable because they are very lightweight and limited. Also, because an in-house team is equally involved with the Custom CRM Development agency, hence, they are well aware of the inside of the software.

4)    Highly customizable and insightful

The CRM can be customized according to requirements and the needs of various verticals, departments, teams, and individual needs. This flexibility merely is impossible in case of boxed software. Going forward, when data mining and the analysis also becomes very insightful that helps in making better-informed decisions.


A custom CRM is the need of the hour for telecom companies. A highly customized CRM gives an edge over the competition. That makes the enterprises better equipped to make more impactful strategies and plan. A custom CRM is certainly more resourceful, cost-effective, and also much more comfortable to integrate.

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