Custom CRMs are gaining traction over Prebuilt-CRM Software

Custom CRMs are gaining traction over Prebuilt-CRM Software

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Custom CRM development in one of the most frequently used services by businesses all over the world from the array of available IT services. Apparently, the market is brimming with pre-built CRM software; however, more and more organisations of all the sizes are opting to build their CRM from the scratch.

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One school of thought highly recommends boxed CRMs. As per them, custom CRM is too much of hassle, time-consuming, and expensive. Also, you must spot a good CRM Development Company for the development work to ensure that your custom product is of the greatest quality.

However, contrary to that thought, more and more people are choosing to customize a CRM over readymade one. Here are the key reasons to do so:

Cut for your size and industry

Custom CRM development is an exclusive service which is done as per the unique requirements of the client. Therefore, Custom CRMs contain the exact features and functionalities that the client has desired depending on the size and industry of the company. Nothing less or more than that, which turns out to be the case with readymade CRMs. Also, prebuilt CRMs are most of the times have very general features so that it can fit for most of the industries. However, a CRM that works well with retail may not perform equally well for a manufacturing entity. Therefore, a custom CRM development is most suitable. Monthly subscription accumulate to become super expensive in the end.

It is a myth that custom CRMs are made from the scratch and therefore they are rather expensive. Instead, the monthly subscription models of readymade CRM software turn out to be very costly in the long run. Value addition and return on investment on the custom CRMs are always higher in the long run.

Easy integration

It is obvious that every organization uses multiple systems and application to automate their organizations. Custom CRM developers take the due care that your new CRM integrates well with all the other existing systems in the organization. However, boxed CRMs have little room for any such flexibility. Managing so many systems that are disconnected and not in synch adds to the agony of the employees and organization alike.

Pre-built CRMs are too globalized for local markets

Readymade software are made for the masses. They are more of a global product. Therefore, many a times they turn out to be rather redundant for the local businesses. They are heavy weight and too complex to install and use. Local businesses end up paying heavily for software, of which they do not use 90% of the features.

User-friendly and easy to maintain

Representative employees at all hierarchies and departments of the organization are involved in the Custom CRM development. Therefore, the end product echoes the vision and mission of the organization. The primary users of the software find it easy to adapt to the new system as it doesn’t seem very foreign to them, as is the case with jargon heavy and feature heavy boxed CRMs. Also, most of the Custom CRM development companies give you full support and maintenance service post deployment. That makes it easy for you to manage your new CRM software in the best capacity.

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