5 Essential Features to Revamp your existing Hotel Website

5 Essential Features to Revamp your existing Hotel Website

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Creation of an appealing hotel website is an essential asset in the marketing armory of every hotelier. This is the first impression on their prospective guests, and if the design is creative and innovative, it will increase the hotel booking and in turn, enhances their revenue. Good website design would attract the attention of the target audience and persuade them to book the rooms at your assets. As it is an endless stream of adding new features in the website due to their continuous changing mode, it is vital for the hotelier like you to know which features would be most relevant for your website.

The given article would help you to access the importance of website design and would guide you towards some new essential features which you could share with the best Hotel website design company who would help you to create a stunning website for your target customers.

Importance of Good Website Design

Hotel web design
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A creative hotel website design is key to your success in the hotel business and would result in a surge in the direct booking of hotel rooms online. It would help the potential travelers to get access to the information which they would require to assess your services appropriately. There are various essential and relevant features which would help in revamping your websites to such an extent so that you would be able to turn your potential visitors into your guests.

Stunning Visual Content

As an independent hotelier, you should showcase your services to your customers in the form of an unforgettable experience. They would check the look of your hotel rooms and would feel it personally before booking them. So, you should allow your visuals to sell your brand as it would work in your favor. Be sure that you would showcase your services to the customers from a visual perspective which should be reflected in the beautiful photos, videos as well as virtual tours.

Inclusion of Local Flavor

It would be prudent that you would require showing some local taste on your hotel website. The addition of some degree of local flavor would add glamour to your website content. At least you could make your website look more realistic by adding some information related to the local events, weather, and even history associated with that place. It would not only increase your website rank in your area, but it would also provide relevant information to the customers about the local attractions and eateries.

Guest Reviews and Testimonials

With the addition of the essential feature of guest review, the customers would be able to get knowledge about the experiences of the previous visitors and what they feel about the given hotel services. Insertion of the testimonials about the hotel website would help in providing additional and positive reviews about your hotels.

Social Media

Inclusion of this platform on your hotel websites would help you to have regular interaction with your customers. The proper way of responding by your social media staff would influence your guests who would persuade them to book the room at your hotel without thinking twice.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is a recent term, which is an essential feature in your hotel website development. Your website would provide ease in booking at one go just as some apps and websites allow to their customers. If you add this feature, you would be able to provide your customers with a mobile-friendly experience.


If you are considering revamping your hotel website and wanting to convert the potential viewers into bookers, the time has arrived to hire hotel website developers from best of the service providers and request them to prepare a good website design based on the above given additional features.

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