5 Best Practices for Mobile App Designs in 2019.

5 Best Practices for Mobile App Designs in 2019.

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“It’s 2019 and you need to get an app for your business!”

This is what I realized just a few months back.

My business was showing an exponential growth. I had awesome clients, a great team and all the other stuff that a business would need to grow. But soon I realized that we need to upgrade after a number of clients asked me if we have an official app.

I approached a good developer but also did some research work for providing my users with a good app experience. In the process, I kept an eye on all the aspects that worked for my app and also on those which didn’t.

And so, I am happy to share what features an app should actually have in 2018 in order to make users coming back and attain maximum engagement rates.

1. Be a Minimalist

When someone uses your app, it’s your responsibility to keep the experience pleasing. If you just over-decorate your app with a bunch of functions, it might confuse and irritate the user at the same time. Let the user get information gradually and just don’t bombard at once. Let your creative side take part and provide your users with a simple yet productive app- experience.

2. Functional Animations

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Animations add life to any kind of pages. You want your users to keep coming back for more and for that it’s necessary to add some spark to the UI. A simple animation, while the page is loading or a custom typing animation while someone is waiting for the reply, are a few examples of using functional animations.

3. Navigation

Easy navigation option should be the priority of any app. It should be discoverable and must occupy a very little space. Since, you have a limited area to settle down all the functions on a mobile screen, making navigation accessible can be a little challenging. Keep your users’ needs in your mind and then decide the navigation functions accordingly.

4. The Color Selection

Colors are an important aspect of any kind of designs. You need to decide on the right colours according to the industry, your business belongs to. Call to action buttons should have vibrant colours that can attract the user’s attention at once. Do a little research and then decide what colours can touch the right chords.

5. One-Handed Operations

Does your app allow people to easily use it single-handedly? According to research, 85% of the people use mobile-apps single-handedly (one handed plus cradled). Users are more likely to abandon an app that doesn’t consider the physical comfort. So, if you want your first-time users to become your lifetime users, keep their physical comfort in mind while designing your app.


Your app is the bridge between your audience and your business. If you really wish to get the most out of your app, you need to prioritize your user experience regarding both designs and functions. A good app development company can help your business touch new heights.

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