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Compete in a saturated marketplace by leveraging intelligent mobile app capabilities to deliver memorable and engaging customer experiences. We are Dream Cyber Infoway, a leading mobile app development company providing safe, robust, flexible, performance-oriented mobile applications. Optimally capitalize on your growth opportunities with our domain specific mobile app development services and stay leaps ahead of your competitors.

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Why Do You Need Custom Mobile App Development?

No matter how big or tiny, every company realizes how important custom mobile app development services could be for their enterprise. Businesses are recognizing that apps are imperative to reach a larger target audience and increase conversions. However, not just any app would cut it. A business needs an app that is uniquely built to address specific challenges. Revenue could not be improved without establishing and nurturing customer relationships. And client relations, at least in the current digital era, depend immensely on the quality of your mobile application.

Challenges With Off-the-Shelf solutions
  • Costly to customize:Off-the-shelf solutions, by definition, are one-size-fits-all. If your business needs something specific, you will have to shell out quite a lot of expenses to customize a readymade solution.
  • Features cum hindrance: Given that many features in a ready-made solution are not specific to your business needs, they become more of a hindrance than anything else.
  • Slow as a sloth: Off-the-shelf solutions are incredibly slow when changing and responding to rapidly evolving industry needs.
  • Costs add up in the long run: Even though off-the-shelf solutions may seem cheaper in comparison to customized solutions, they still require you to pay licensing fees to the software owner. Overtime, these costs combined with the expense of upgrading features, add up.
How Can We Help?
  • Unlimited customization:You can pick and choose the features and functionalities you want in your product. It makes the product incredibly effective and easy to use.
  • Don't rent; own it: You get complete ownership over the product depending upon your contract with the mobile app development agency. No need for you to pay the licensing fee.
  • Modify quickly: With a custom mobile app, you don't have to worry about changes, fixes, upgrades, or other maintenance issues. The development agency in charge of your project will take care of them.

Our Mobile App Development Services For You

We offer full-service bespoke mobile app creation, design, integration, and management options. Our team at Dream Cyber Infoway will handle the entire web and mobile app development process, from design and development to deployment and maintenance. Whether it's a user-facing app or an enterprise-level solution, we develop them all. Our skilled mobile app developers craft ingenious solutions that meet consumer needs, bolster a business's brand recognition, and support growth and future expansion.

custom mobile app development services

Custom Mobile App Development

Not everyone can fit inside the same box. That's why we build apps that are tailored to fit only you. Meet the demands of your evolving company needs by creating a customized app with us. With the help of our custom mobile app development services, transform your company and expand beyond the horizons of what you previously thought was attainable.

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Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Regardless of the operating system or the device being used, our solutions work without hassle on all platforms. We develop apps with a flexible, simple architecture that is easy to maintain and execute. As a result, our solutions work flawlessly across platforms and devices.

native mobile app

Native Mobile App Development

Using JS and React, we create visually appealing native cross-platform apps. We employ an Agile-based methodology to build time and money-efficient, feature-rich smartphone applications. Our solutions are customized, user intuitive, reliable, and have a faster time to market.

website app

Web to App

Every company aspires to give customers a multichannel experience. We offer mobile app development services for your existing web application or website. Our team of highly skilled and experienced mobile app engineers is well-equipped to help you achieve your objectives by providing user- and result-driven solutions.

iOS app development

iOS App Development

We specialize in the development of attractive iOS applications that offer incredible customer experience with the help of clean design and excellent functionality. Our mobile app developer team creates iOS applications that flawlessly achieve company goals using the most recent design and development methodologies.

android app development

Android App Development

We develop incredibly attractive bespoke Android applications using the latest technologies and tools. It takes a lot of effort to deliver android mobile app development that is functionally reliable and aesthetically attractive. But we are willing to put in the work. As a result, you get a flawless and potent Android application that meets your requirements and strengthens your brand.

App Development for Secondary Platform

App Development for Secondary Platform

You are no longer required to choose one platform over another because of a limited budget. We can use existing Interfaces and APIs to create the app on a separate platform for you. Whether you already have an iOS app and are looking for an Android version or vice versa, we can help you expand your market reach without stretching your budget.

Enterprise Mobility App

Enterprise Mobility App Development

We are an enterprise mobile app development company offering specialized mobile apps for your enterprise. Our solutions can significantly improve productivity because your employees can record more precise data and finish tasks more quickly. We convert complicated desktop software into straightforward mobile applications so workers can save time on useless tasks like meeting room reservations.

Upgradation & Migration

Upgradation & Migration

User standards are shifting as a result of evolving technology. Therefore, we assist our clients with mobile software upgrades. We also provide migration services so that you can adapt quickly to changing technological headwinds and can make your company carve out a place for itself amongst the competition.

MVP Development

MVP Development

With skilled MVP development, you can accelerate Time-to-Market and cut expenses. With the aid of our agile development process, which accurately realizes your ideas, we assist you in optimizing the process of building and releasing the product. To create your project with scalable and reliable infrastructure, we carefully plan and evaluate every aspect of the MVP.

QA & Testing

Automated QA & Testing

Do you have a shoddy piece of code? We are here to resolve any problems and get you back on course. Access bug-free mobile applications that guarantee a wonderful user experience, resulting in user retention and happiness. Our test automation specialists conduct Android and iOS App Testing to validate your application's seamless performance, compatibility, and usefulness.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

With our mobile app support and upkeep services, let your mobile app always be competitive, strong, and safe. We've covered everything from problem fixes, new feature development, and OS and library upgrades to UI/UX and speed improvements. We provide code reviews, testing, design updates, and other practical and technological improvements.

Why Choose Us?

We build unique, user-friendly mobile applications that produce ROIs for companies and propel their growth by improving the lives of their customers. Join forces with us to create a mobile application that sticks out among a sea of rivals. Here are some specific arguments for choosing Dream Cyber Infoway as your go-to custom mobile app development company.



Our talented team incorporates additional security practices like data encryption, two-factor authentication, and a highly secure manager interface. We ensure that your mobile application has the most cutting-edge security possible.

Protecting Source Code with NDA

To us, our client's privacy is paramount. We respect the intellectual property rights of our clients. Hence, we have no qualms about signing the NDA. You will have complete ownership of your source code.

End to End App Development

End to End App Development

We are a full-service mobile application developers company. It means we are here to fulfill your needs throughout the development lifecycle. We do everything from planning to design to development to support until the end product is handed off to you.

Dedicated Team

Integrate our talented team seamlessly into your project. Our team will dedicatedly work on your project to meet your development objectives.

dedicated team
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Flexible Scaling and Descaling of Resources

With us, it is incredibly easy for you to pump up the scale and scope of your project. Depending upon the development needs, we bring more hands on deck or cut back resources, ensuring optimum workflow at economical costs.

Customized Solutions

We have the skills and knowledge to work on any difficult mobile application development project thanks to our substantial experience. We have worked on creating bespoke mobile apps for a diverse range of customers and industries.

customized solutions
best practices

Development Best Practices

We always strive to be our clients' best mobile app development company. Hence, our team blends their knowledge and expertise with industry best practices, so they can deliver nothing but the best end product they possibly can.

First-Time Right Practice

As a leading web and mobile app development company, we use the First Time Right (FTR) approach to create high-caliber mobile apps for your business quickly.

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Our Process for Mobile App Development

requirement gathering

Requirement Gathering and Planning

We take the time to comprehend your company, target audience, and app objectives thoroughly. We also do our own research to familiarize ourselves with the industry trends relevant to your business. We collaborate with you to develop a thorough project plan that specifies every feature and function the app will have.


Roadmap and Design

Our team of skilled mobile app developers will create a detailed roadmap once we fully grasp the project. You'll get a clear idea of how we will proceed with the project and how long it will take to implement the things discussed. We'll work with you to make any required changes until you're happy.



Once the concept is finalized, our developers will start the project. We use best practices to ensure the app is reliable, effective, and adaptable. We'll keep you informed on the progress. You will get regular status updates so that you can evaluate and comment on the features. Your feedback will be swiftly incorporated to deliver an enhanced product in a short amount of time.


Testing and Quality Assurance

The mobile application is tested extensively before release to ensure it functions as anticipated across all platforms and devices. If any bugs or problems are discovered during testing, our quality assurance staff will find and repair them. Additionally, to ensure the app is safe and complies with industry standards, our security specialists will evaluate it thoroughly.


Deployment and Documentation

The app is prepared for deployment once it has cleared our quality tests. We will consult and collaborate with you on the best launch strategy for the app. We'll also take care of all the technical specifics to get the app online and accessible for download as soon as feasible.We also provide detailed documentation for your reference.

customer support

Maintenance and Support

Our support staff will be accessible to you even after the app has been released. They will offer assistance and upkeep as required. We'll remain in contact to make sure the app is updated and operating at peak efficiency. We'll constantly check the app for security flaws and problems and act quickly to repair any issues that surface.

Our Engagement Models

dedicated team

Dedicated Resource Engagement

Hire mobile app developers with us for a flat fee. The team will comprise competent mobile app development and integration experts, QA, and a highly proficient Project Manager. You will be assigned a point of contact, which in this case would be the project manager. Throughout the development lifecycle, your designated point of contact will communicate all the project updates to you.

Fixed price model

Fixed Pricing Model

After receiving your requirement and understanding it properly, we prepare and submit a proposal. The proposal includes a fixed price and payment milestones along with other details.

hourly price model

Hourly Pricing Model

You can hire mobile app developer teams with us full-time or part-time on an hourly pricing model. You pay us only for the hours you use our developers on your project.

Make your application more feature-rich. Hire a mobile app developer team with us. We deploy industry best practices to enhance the versatility and immersion of your mobile application. Please send us your requirements; our consultants will connect and take it forward immediately.

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Experience and Expertise

  • We have been doing this for well more than a decade. With clients in over 20 countries, we have a diversified work experience that reflects in the 750+ successful projects we have been a part of.
  • Our areas of expertise are quite varied. From EdTech, Fintech, ITeS to Real Estate, Retail, E-commerce, we have done it all. We have also worked in the following industries News & Media, Sports to Telecom, Travel, Fashion, and Health & Fitness.
  • Our aim has always been to rise to the occasion and deliver. We have pulled off hard projects before that required us to deliver on multiple fronts. Be it small, medium, or large scale enterprises, we have provided immense value to businesses of all sizes.
  • We are committed to being constantly in touch and maintaining a clear line of communication with our clients. Any of your doubts or queries will be addressed instantly.
  • As a mobile application development agency, we take our reputation quite seriously. That is why we consider security to be a big concern. We adopt stringent methods to ensure that our applications are secure and are able to protect your organizational data and servers against any kind of threats and breaches.

Why Hire Our Dedicated Team?

As a prominent mobile app development firm, we provide top-notch app development services to startups, SMEs, corporations, agencies, and many other organizations. You can employ a specialized mobile app development team from us to gain access to all of the advantages listed below.

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    We deliver what you need

    By partnering with Dream Cyber Infoway, you'll get access to our brilliant team of in-house developers ready to deliver solutions that solve your unique problems and challenges.

  • Check
    We deliver it on time

    One of the most critical factors determining the success and failure of a project is the amount of time it takes to deliver on the objectives. We are mindful of this fact, and hence, we stick to our suggested timeline like glue.

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    We deliver it cost-effectively

    We make sure to incorporate industry best practices and the latest technological tools to reduce time-to-market. As a result, you get the most value for your money.

  • Check
    We deliver it with passion

    It could be hard to maintain team morale during a complex project. Still, we do it seamlessly by ensuring our developers get the best working environment to express their creativity. Hence, you get nothing but quality work resulting from passionate dedication.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The timeframe of mobile app development differs from one mobile app to another. It is because no two mobile apps share the same requirement. Depending on your requirements, we will provide you with a timeline. We have a short turnaround on our projects.

The cost of mobile development depends on a number of factors, such as features to be included, technologies to be used, and the overall complexity of the mobile application. Hence, we consider all of these factors before preparing a custom quotation for you. Our services are very time and cost-effective.

We never leave our clients hanging. We provide them with a full post-deployment upkeep and support system to ensure their mobile apps function as intended.

Yes. We value every client that we work with. We respect their privacy and intellectual property rights. Hence, we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients.

We at Dream Cyber Infoway have worked hard for the past 12 years to earn the trust of our clients worldwide. Our highly qualified, incredibly skilled, and passionately dedicated team of mobile app developers will provide you with state-of-the-art development services. Their consistent dedication, effort, and creativity are why we have constantly over-delivered on our projects. Our commitment to quality and respect for the timeline makes us a dependable choice for Mobile App Development.

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