Why is it the time to give your real estate website an interactive architecture?

Why is it the time to give your real estate website an interactive architecture?

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With the internet everywhere and smartphones in every hand, of course, people have moved from the traditional ways of finding a property to more digital ways. On the other hand, with growing awareness about the digital presence, every real estate consultant is ensuring that they do have a presence on the world wide web.
Traffic (read: competition) has always been palpable in the real estate sector. Off late, this race is tightening in the digital world as well. Therefore, to stand out, you need to make sure that the architecture of your website is interactive, both to search engines and the users.
Therefore, when you are developing or revamping your website, here are a few features and functionalities that you must insist on your real estate website development agency to include:

1)    SEO Friendly –

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This is extremely important. The codes should be clear. The URL structure should be simple and must include some necessary industry specific keywords. The use of proper HTML tags, Alt tags, and metadata can never be understated. With all of this, it is essential that the content on the website is meaningful, sensible, and targeted, and not just random generic gibberish.

2) Design and responsiveness

Although the emphasis on content and codes are vital, the design of the website is equally critical. The typography, the colors, and the theme used all should be in tandem with the values and services that you are offering. In the end, what people see and first connect with is the design of your website. Also, the website design should perform equally efficiently on all browsers and devices.

3) Frontend listing submission

This is like including the audience in the work. People who are looking to up their properties for sale and rent should be able to list it from your website on their own. Of course, you should create a door in between and moderate the listings. This will ensure that the content is being generated on its own and its quality remains intact.

4) Advanced Search

Make things simple for people who come to search for properties on your website. With hundreds and thousands of listing to search from, an efficient advanced search system is a necessity.

5) Impressive image gallery

Images give the first impression to the people of the property. Therefore an easy-to-scroll gallery is of utter significance. Interested users should be able to upload as many high-quality images as they want.

6) Social Sharing

An option to share the properties on social media should be available. Therefore, it is necessary that the social sharing functionality is integrated on your website. It not only helps in spreading a word but is an excellent tool for social media marketing and trust building.

7) IDX Listing

Make sure that your real estate website development company is well aware of IDX Listing. Using this feature, you can integrate MLS listings to your website. That way, you can show a long list of available properties on your site.

Final Takeaway:

People today are searching for their next homes on their phones. Therefore, a real estate website that is feature rich is indeed unavoidable for the real estate consultants today. All the features listed above are certainly going to make your website more interactive and appealing to audiences, which will compel them to spend more time on your website.

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