Want to Build a Social Network 4 Things to Consider for Social Network Development

Want to Build a Social Network 4 Things to Consider for Social Network Development

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Social media has boomed in the last few years, from kids to their grandparents, most of the people are available on any social media networks. As the industry is witnessing exponential growth, I and some of my mates decided to start one.

We decided to start a platform that doesn’t only helps to connect people but also help individuals as well as companies to power up their brands. But how can one start a social network?

Yes, you can hire a social network development company but still, you need to consider a few points first-

Here are 4 Things to Consider for Social Network Development Company-

Know Your Audience

It is absurd to try to sell a phone to someone who is in need of a laptop. Isn’t it? So, first, you need to understand the core and then develop a platform based on these parameters and values. Ask yourself first, why are you doing this anyway? Is it going to help anyone? Define your audience segment with the help of filters as many as you can so that you only filter out those who are in need of your platform.

You can either use online research to filter your audience or use test and learn the method.

Develop your Growth Strategy Based on Your Audience

In order to build a social network in this era full of competitors, it is a must to prepare your growth strategy. You have a predefined audience, you have all the necessary data and now the next step is to make them aware of your platform.

Sounds easy, right? But it is not. Use different concepts as per your niche and then use internet for exploring how to prepare a growth strategy.

Use a Checklist

Now it’s common to use a checklist whenever you start something new. Once you get all the information needed about the targeted audience and the strategy, you need to move on to the next step that is sharing it with your teammates but in between both the steps, it’s crucial to prepare a checklist. Here is what the checklist should include-

  • Budget- How much money do you have and how much does your project need.
  • Platform- Is is just a website or an app or both?
  • Traffic Estimation- Though it’s not possible to predict your audience stats with full accuracy, it’s still important to predict a lump-sum estimation.

Use the Minimalist Approach

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It’s the time when static websites have again started to trend. Build a platform that is simple yet user-friendly. Users want a platform that has a minimal approach and is still all about them.  Build a platform that cares about your customers and doesn’t include unnecessary flashy things.


Developing a social network is not as easy as it seems to be but rather it takes several months to build one. Consider these 4 points before you start to develop. These points will help you to build a platform that would be able to compete with social media networks of this era.

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