Virtual societies are the new marketplaces

Virtual societies are the new marketplaces

Virtual Society
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After the advent of the internet in the middle of 90s, the way people communicate, make friends and do business, everything changed drastically. The world became more reachable. The internet fueled the mushrooming of social networking sites.

Six degrees created in 1997 is considered as one of the first social networking sites that allowed people to connect and become friends. Then came sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that totally transformed the way people are communicating not only in their personal networks but also in their professional networks.

With almost half the world active on one or the other social networks, it is now inevitable for any and every business to have their digital properties integrated to public or else private social networks. For that, one can hire a reputed and trusted social network development company. Social networks provide easy and instant communication.And, an ability to connect and do business with people from any corner of the world.

Let us take a look at what are the different type of virtual networks and media platforms and how they are acting as virtual marketplaces for organizations of all scales:

Social media network
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1)    Social Network – Facebook and Instagram are the ideal example of these. You can make friends with total strangers here, who do have likes similar to yours and share the details of your product and services to them.

2)    Media Sharing Networks – Flickr, Youtube, and Vimeo come under this. You can share the films and images related to your business to create awareness and curiosity of your business.

3)    Professional Networks – LinkedIn is the best example of this. You can introduce yourself to people who are from your industry and complimentary industry. This is one of the best tools to reach out to eminent people and leaders in your sector.

4)    Private Networks – Organizations these days are rapidly getting into developing private networks to streamline their internal communication. These networks are highly secure and enhance the overall efficiency of any enterprise. Nonetheless, choose a social media design agency with genuine experience as your partner for such a sophisticated development.

5)    Bookmarking sites – Reddit and Mix are some of the sites which are a favorite place for people who like to discover, save, and share information and ideas.

6)    Blogging – Yet another network that can totally help an organization in creating a brand out of their business. However, blogging is a long-term plan and requires a lot of effort to establish it. Naturally, the benefits you reap out of it is also for long.

7)    Social Shopping sites – This is fast catching the traction. It is very similar to E-commerce but offers a much better experience. On these sites, people share the details of the purchases and offer recommendations, etc.


Social networks are fast changing the way businesses are done. Like-minded people from across the globe are connecting with each other to do business and many more things. Nonetheless, it is always best to be cautious, when it comes to social networks. It is best to keep your communication safe and secure on these sites. Also, remain transparent and candid about your objectives.

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