4 points that prove Custom CRM is best for your business.

4 points that prove Custom CRM is best for your business.

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Are you a small business or a one man army? You could be a medium enterprise or even a famous mom and pop store in the locality. You do need a CRM to ensure you are able to do business better. Correction! You need a custom CRM development to guarantee you are able to concentrate on the real business instead of beating about the bush with accounting books and sales receipts.

You might think, “Why should I get into the hassle of customization when I can buy readymade software?” That is so because most of the boxed CRM software are indeed heavy weight. They have infinite features and functionalities, 80% of which you probably do not need at all. Still, you are paying for them.

Here are 4 candid reasons to embrace custom CRM development in case you are still in two minds:

Designed and Stitched for your business

A customized CRM is tailor made to match the size, shape and type of your business. Your custom CRM developer will do nothing more, nothing less just the exact thing you have asked for. It keeps the software lightweight and indeed efficient. That way it is easier to understand the inbuilt features and functionalities of the system and make the best use of it. Also, it makes the maintenance of software easy for you.

Easy to integrate with your existing systems

There are chances you are already using some software and application in your business. When you decide to introduce a CRM into your business you will need to integrate your existing systems with the CRM. Unfortunately, boxed CRMs are most of the times not modular enough to integrate well with your up and running systems, adding unwanted chaos into your business operations. However, with custom CRM development , your CRM developer will take the due care that the software duly integrates with all the other systems of your business considerably reducing the chances of preventable challenges.

Excellent Return on Investment

Boxed CRMs usually offer great monthly or yearly subscription models to lure the customers. However, the fact remains you are paying for features that you do not want in your system. With customized CRM, you pay for features that you are using. Therefore, in the long run you receive a great return on investment.

More trainable

The whole point of using a CRM will fail if the users do not accept it with enthusiasm. Unlike boxed software, customized CRM are more trainable. Mainly, because it is tailor made and the users are acquainted with most of the processes before in hand. Also, when it is boxed software, companies tend to hop from one service provider to another, mainly due to increased dissatisfaction and escalating costs. Adapting to new software every now and then is indeed discouraging for the users.


A custom CRM is what you want for your business. You may find the whole customization process a herculean job in the beginning. However, it is worth it. Hire a Custom CRM development company with proven track record and you are sorted.

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