Real Estate Custom CRM Application


The aim of building the app is to allow the distressed and non-distressed sellers to sell their property at a quick and faster pace with no hassle and tussle. Besides, direct contact between the seller and buyer is also possible to make the whole process easy and appropriate. With the help of the given platform, the seller can sell their asset, whether it is residential or commercial with no issue. Thus, it is an efficient platform to help the needy client to come out of any crisis appropriately.


We assist the needy clients in selling their any properties to the prospective buyers in the most efficient manner. Apart from this, we have experts who strictly verify all the properties using advanced tools automatically so to allow only genuine properties to be available for sale. Also, sellers & buyers are at the benefit as former can upload their properties, which saves their time and money; and the later can get listed page so to purchase a suitable property quickly.

About Company

SBO is a new technology-driven real estate marketplace, which is the fastest and secure way to sell properties. They help the distressed and non-distressed sellers to sell their properties at a quicker pace and price suitable as per the industry.

No need for renovation and repairs which are expensive and time-consuming. Leave this to SBO! Your time is valuable which they understand in a better way and help them to contact with best possible buyers and move towards faster closing joyfully.

Key features

  • Property Listing are managed by both Seller & Buyer Leads
  • Streamline Workflows Management
  • Provision of Mail Manager in synchronization with g-mail
  • Provision of Drag & Drop Feature to add and remove listings with their status
  • Effective Newsletter Scheduling
  • Tasks and Calendar to schedule appointment with users
  • Provision of Online Payment Gateway Integration
Tools & Technologies
  • html5
  • jquery
  • CSS3
  • Laravel
3rd Party APIs
  • Smarty
  • Twilio
  • IMAP
  • Stripe
Backend UI/UX Design for SBO

Laravel framework is utilized for the effective management of the backend design for the given website. It has a support of MVC architecture, and with template engine makes it the most suitable framework for developing web applications.

Backend is a portal, which effectively manages the client's data and provides accurate results about their real estate properties. With the help of an effective Backend design, Dream Cyber has successfully met the seller’s expectations to decide the best buyer for their property. The crucial procedures leading towards active backend development are:

Role-based Login

Unlike frontend, the login process in the backend is different as admin, buyers and managers have their accounts to access the information about the properties for sale.

Here, the seller is not allowed to login and take the help of admin to upload their properties. The buyers get access to the listing pages where all real estate properties ready to purchase are displayed after they login into their account.


It is accessible to the admin only and the recent activities, as well as task lists, are displayed on the dashboard for them.

The pie-chart is a showcase on the dashboard to track all the record of the real estate properties. Besides, the graphical representation is also presented, which contains essential information about unique and page visitors on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.


It includes listing of the properties as commercial and residential products. The agents manage the properties. It contains the lead agent who manages properties with the support of their co-agents.


The given section incorporates both the buyers and sellers as the leads. It has various subsections:


The given segment includes all the details about the sellers, and their properties are listed for selling. They have no authority to login, and admin manages all their functions.


All the prospects buyers of the properties are registered here. They have the power to view the listed properties and are assigned plans which they have to choose for purchasing the properties.

Contact Agents

They are just like brokers who manage the properties present in a particular area. Buyers contact them to buy suitable properties.


It describes the whole status of the property starting when they are up for sale to the purchasing of the properties by the prospective buyers. It includes the following steps:

  • Hot, which indicates the property of a seller is ready for sale

  • Contract Seller, which are those sellers who have a contract to sell their properties

  • Review, the phase where the admin of the SBO checks the validity of the seller’s property

  • Live, stage after the property is verified and is ready for purchase by the prospective buyer

  • Appointment Schedule, where the appointment is fixed between the admin/agents and buyer/sellers/agents to discuss about the listed property

  • Contract Signed Buyer, who has signed an agreement with admin on behalf of choosing a property from the seller's list

  • Contact Out, happens after finalizing the deal and the property is displayed as sold out

  • Closing Pause, where the sold property is on hold due to some issues

  • Closing Set, when the owner of the property is changed from the seller to buyer forever

E-Mail Marketing

An effective strategy where all the latest information about the properties and other relevant details are conveyed via mail to all the players involved in the given real estate’s such as buyers, sellers, sales agents and many more. It comprises:

Template Management: Here admin create and publishes the custom template for the different e-mail marketing purposes

Sequence Management: It contains stepwise management of all the sequences involved in the selling of the property of the sellers to the buyers.

  • Automatically generated information via mails and SMS

  • Delay timer is a step used to schedule the mails and SMS in a sequence

Event Management: It indicates the action performed on the listing of the real estate properties for sale. Here, an event trigger is used to apply a set of actions on the occurrence of any events related to the real estate properties.

Mailing List

In the given section, the creation of a mail-list happens, with sending of all the necessary and relevant information to all the players associated with the given real estate property. It is performed using:

  • Manual Selection

  • Group Mail

  • Excel Sheet


It provides essential information about the properties which are available in the real estate sector. One notable example is sending bulk email to the sellers, indicating that their properties are listed and are ready to promote among the buyers. Its features are:

  • Transmission of the relevant information via mail & SMS to the desired user

  • The campaign can also be scheduled in future

Manage Contacts

In the given section, all the personal contacts are managed agent-wise. This implies that a particular sales agent is permitted to manage, change and store data about a specific customer in their own directory.

Manage Users

This aspect is related to the handling of the given project by providing roles to the users. The given step is done by sending email invitations to the users to take the specific job such as:

  • Administrator

  • Blogger

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Sales Agent and many more

Admin Profile

The given section displays all the necessary information about the admin who is responsible for managing the properties effectively.


An event for the appointment and creation of the task occur thanks to the given feature. One notable example is the arrangement of the meeting between agent and buyer at a specific date.

Performance Metrics

Admin controls the given section, and they check the performance of agents precisely. The working of the agent gets tested through the following steps:

  • Agent Enrolled: It displays all the registered agents

  • Total Deals: All the deals done by the agents get posted here

  • Average Timeline: It indicates completion of the entire workflow of the agents starting from deals to converting it to the leads

  • Highest Commission: It shows which agents receive the highest commission for their deals

  • Longest Period: It points toward which a property took higher time to convert into deal

  • Total Interaction: It specifies the interaction between agents and admin for the deal


The given section highlights e-mail system in sync with g-mail using G-suite account. All the folders in the g-mail are displayed on the given module.


The seller can sell their properties faster with no hassle and tussle and move on in their life. With this aspect, the seller is satisfied that the company understands the value of their time and provides them with multiple offers to contact the buyers and bailout them from the given crisis efficiently.