Custom Service Exchange Platform Development


The aim of building the app is to help the creative entrepreneurs get started on their projects without any problems primarily related to financing. It has been designed to allow the entrepreneurs to realize their thoughts and expand their professional network by indulging with highly relevant partners successfully. What’s more, the provision of QuickPay has allowed the users to avail the exchange of services effectively. Therefore, it is an efficient platform which helps the exchange of services among needy people with excellent results.


Our functioning is based on the barter system where we assist our clients in posting their ads with services online with an offer to exchange with other needy users. Besides, we permit users to endorse their skills and get listed their profile picture. For secure subscription payment, we have a custom-made shopping cart which is approved by the QuickPay so that users could utilize the services efficiently. Our solution also includes switching services without spending a penny and creates a valuable portfolio to access the network for your successful business.

About Company

Swappi is an e-commerce platform which is based on a barter system. It is a haven for entrepreneurs where they could exchange their services in lieu of another service offered by another person. With a sleek front-end and easily manageable back-end, the users get an overwhelming experience.

Furthermore, it also allows you to post an advertisement with services and requirements which are ready for exchanging with others. What’s more, it has a LinkedIn like functionality where users could endorse each other’s skills and share the services most effectively.

Are you ready to be a part of a service exchange program? Register yourself on SWAPPI and pave the way towards a bright and prosperous future.

Key features

  • Multi-Step Profile Registration Form
  • Easy Facebook & Google+ Registration
  • Provision of Chat System & Advertisement Listings
  • Review & Rating Features
  • Availability of Skill Endorsement System just like LinkedIn
  • Advanced Search Functionality
  • Custom Payment Module like QuickPay
  • Effective Subscription Management
  • Section for Users & Content Management
  • Availability of Connection Module
  • Orders & Payment Report Management
Tools & Technologies
  • html5
  • jquery
  • tinymce
  • CSS3
  • Laravel
3rd Party APIs
  • Quick Pay Payment API Integration
  • Google+ & Facebook API
Frontend Design for SWAPPI

Laravel framework is utilized for the effective management of the development of the given website. It has a support of MVC architecture, and with template engine makes it the most suitable framework for developing the web applications.

With the help of an effective frontend design, Dream Cyber has successfully met the user’s expectation in exchanging their services with other prospective users accurately. The crucial procedures leading towards active frontend development are:

Browse Ads/Listings

Under the given section, the visitors can browse the ads posted by other users. There is limited information available unless the user login to the system. Once registered, users can search and look-out for other users who are offering services required by the given user. Besides various options available to them such as

  • Search the ads by keywords & categories

  • Filtration options

User Profile

It includes profiles such as:

  • User Login

  • Logout

  • Forgot Password

  • Edit Profile

Ads Management

In this section, users add/edit/delete the ads and post them with details which includes advertisement title, description, and trade value. During ads posting, user can add the images for the services offered. The users could add Up-to 5 images for free. After that, they have to pay the price for adding a new image of their ads.

Featured Ads & Ads Payment

Users pay for the ads until they are active and after ending their ads time. They have the facility to renew their ads automatically as well as manually without remembering its expiry date. They can promote their ads to get higher visibility and faster trade. Users pay the fees:

  • To stay at the top of the page

  • To make the ads visible on the front page

After payment, users get access to multiple options to increase visibility such as more pictures, highlighted text, etc. which are displayed in carrousel on the front page and top of the categories.

Furthermore, users get access to vouchers to get avail of various discounts or free top ads for the next purchase. QuickPay is integrated as a payment gateway to make the payment.

Automated Emails

Users receive notification about the possible matches for the ads posted on the system. Moreover, if any match for the posted ad is found, it is diverted to the users via e-mail.

Message System

Users can communicate with each other by sending messages for the ads posted on the system.

Rating & Comment

There is a comment section at the end of each ad which discusses the services and asks questions to users who have posted that ad. Once the exchanged services are accomplished, users give a rating to each other.

Content Pages

It includes content page setup like About Us, Privacy and FAQ.

Backend UI/UX Design for SWAPPI
Admin Profile

It includes profiles such as:

  • Admin Login

  • Logout

  • Forgot Password

  • Edit Profile

User Management

This section displays the list of users. Here, admins play a crucial role, and their functions include:

  • Managing all the user's related details

  • Edit/Delete user information

  • Sending e-mail to the users

  • Listing of the users as active, inactive or block

Advertisement Management

In the given section, admin manages (edit/delete) the advertisement posted by the users.

Manage Payment Information & Reports

In the given section, admin manages the promotion price for the ads which are posted by the users. Besides, then can change the price for the features and also view the total amount gathered for the given site.

General Statistics & Reports

Here, admin checks the general statistics of the customers as well as about the offers. Besides, they can filter the reports by the date range.

Email Template Management

In this section, admin manages the newsletter template such as registration, forgot password, and so on.

Voucher Management

In the given section, admin adds, edit and delete the discount coupon.


Here, admin manages the contents (excluding layout and design) of CMS pages such as About US, Terms & Conditions, Contact Us, and so on.

View Contact Submissions

In this section, admin views various contact submissions and export it as CSV file.


The notable achievement by utilizing the given website is that it helps the users or entrepreneurs to convert your ideas into money by providing their services to prospective users. Furthermore, it allows various advanced features where the exchange of the competencies between users is easy with negligible cost.