The aim of building the given app is to help the customers to provide safe and secure lightning products without any issue or defect. The company is on the mission to create itself as a trusted brand by involving technical expertise with an absolute focus on the customers' requirements successfully. These experts help the customers to make them return to their services again.


Our functioning focuses on capturing the mood of the lighting industry, which is currently in the transition phase and provides innovative lighting products based on software technology. The given organization has launched a trusted and cost-effective scheme called LUX Verified to meet all the challenges associated with lumen maintenance and photometric energy performance efficiently.

About Company

LUX-TSI is a 150 years old leading testing laboratory which provides a tailor-made online testing solution to satisfy the needs of the importers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers present across the globe. 

Our focus is on offering useful testing LEDs and other optical equipment in the field of lighting products for various industries. Our expertise has a deep understanding of the requirements to provide a cost-effective, low-risk path to access the market.  

We are accredited with UKAS (ILAC), IEC (CB) and BSI as well as operate quality management systems conforming to ISO/IEC 17025.

Key features

  • Accredited Testing
  • CE Marking Services
  • Access to Global Market
  • Product Certification Services
  • Product Design Verification
  • Trusted Third-Party Solution
  • One-Stop-Shop for all your Compliance Needs
Tools & Technologies
  • Codeigniter
  • CSS3
3rd Party APIs
  • PayPal
  • Zoho
Frontend Design of Client Section for LUX-TSI

The website is created using the Codeigniter framework. It is extremely–lightweight, MVC controlled and highly secure framework which is preferred by most of the web developers so to develop a user-friendly and customized web app like LUX-TSI.

Dream Cyber Infoway has been successful in meeting the expectations of their customers by providing them with pioneering tested lighting products with great assurance of safety and accuracy.

The crucial procedures leading towards active frontend development are:

Registration (User Login)

Under the given section, the user can register/login to the site effectively. It is accomplished through two steps:

  • Automated Registration -  In this step, the user can directly login to their account if their data is already in existence into Zoho framework of the PHP. After verification, the user receives a confirmation mail and profile gets activated successfully.
  •  Admin Registration - If the user doesn't exist in the Zoho framework, then the admin receives an email, and they are the one who approves the user profile. After getting approved by the admin, the user profile gets activated, and a confirmation mail is sent to them.
Select Offering

After getting logged in, the users can see various offering provided by the LUX-TSI. In this section, the lightning option is available.

Select Product Information

In the given section, the user can enter the name of the product and select them and their sub-categories easily.

Select Test Information

The givens section displays the tests on the screen, which are performed on the selected product/sub-products. This section also helps the user to choose the available testing options and the type of report related to the given test.


This section showcases information about all the products which have been added by the users in their carts. What’s more, it provides facilities such as entering the quantity of the product and selecting the delivery time appropriately.

Besides, the clients have various options to select from the given section, such as:

  •  Provision of Automatic discount which depends on the selection of the number of quantities
  •  Availability of the  option for entering promo code
  •  Generation of invoice and continuous shopping options

The given section also allows the users to save their cart details by clicking on the generate invoice option. The admin receives an email to revise the quote by applying the discount. After completion of the given process, the user receives an email and login to portal towards payment section. User can pay using PayPal.

Product Details

Before payment, it is the final step where the user provides information related to the selected products under their shopping cart. Once all the fields are entered, they are redirected to the payment section. After paying via PayPal, user and admin receive an email related to the successful payment. The user also receives the invoice and quotes generated via Zoho.

User Account

They can view all the orders submitted by the users in the given section. Besides, they can filter the orders on the weekly, monthly or yearly basis based on the custom date range. They can also download the orders in CSV format.

Backend Design of Admin Section for LUX-TSI
Admin Profile

The given page contains essential information about admin, which is also managed by them, such as:

  •  Login
  •  Logout
  •  Forgot Profile
  •  Edit Profile

This section permits the admin to view the stats of the latest orders done by the customers. Besides, it also displays the newest freezed quotes efficiently.

Manage Offering

The given page permits the admin to add/edit/delete offerings for the clients.

 Manage Industries

In the given section, the admin can add/edit/delete industries. The admin is also able to select offering belonging to a particular sector.

Manage Services

In this section, admin can add/edit/delete the services and can also select industry belonging to the particular service.

Product Configurator

Under this section, admin manages the products, categories, sub-categories and sub/sub-categories efficiently. Furthermore, they can select the test for specific products, categories, sub-categories and the combination of the sub/sub-categories.

Test Configurator

In this section, admin can configure test and select Draft Naming Convention, Type of Measurement, Accredited Logo, Spectral Readings, Thermal Stabilization, Scan Increments and many more.

Besides, the admin can select the options which apply to the tests. To calculate the costs, various options and chosen field values are taken into consideration. When multiple parameters are entered, there is an automatic generation of the test name.

Manage Clients

In this section, the admin effectively manages the clients.


In the given section, various laws which are submitted by the clients can be viewed by the admin who can also sort their orders. Besides, they can filter the orders on the weekly, monthly or yearly basis based on the custom date range. They can also download the orders in CSV format. They also have the option to sort reports by-products.

Manage Discount Codes

In this section, admin manages the discount codes as a percentage or amount wise. What’s more, they can assign coupon to clients, set its expiry date and set several days it can be used.

Manage Admin Users

The given section permits the admin to manage admin users using and assign roles to them.

Manage Product Fields

Here, admin manages the fields displayed on the final step of checkout. In this field, there are multiple questions associated with it by the admin in the format of the text box, text area, select drop-down, radio button and check-box. Furthermore, they can use the drag-drop option to rearrange the order of the given fields.

Manage Freeze Codes

In this page, admin can apply a discount to the freezed order as per the request from the customers and can also resend back to them.


The notable achievement for our website is that user can provide their bulk order for testing their lightening equipment and ensure them about receiving the best quality tested solution at their doorstep successfully. Thus, the organization has become a one-stop-shop to meet all your compliance need most proactively.