Real Estate industry is getting a tougher zone to sell with more and more potential competitors joining in every day. One of the biggest challenge a real estate agent or a real estate firm faces is spotting the individuals who have the purchasing power and are willing to pay. Notably, a recent study reveals that more than 75% of the homebuyers begin to kick start their search from the internet. That implies if you are a real estate agent without a real estate website or a real estate website that is underperforming you are not visible enough to the 75% of the likely audiences. 

It is pivotal that when you decide to go ahead for a real estate website development, make sure that your real estate website design echoes your specialties.

The best real estate website development companies will provide you a solution that is fully-equipped with features like integrated Google map, IDX/MLS feed integration and automation, walkability index that rates the properties and helps in comparison, advanced search, auto-responders set up, email notifications, lead management functionality supporting better tracking and analysis, property alert, mortgage calculator, etc.

A website loaded with all the essential features, which is SEO friendly and responsive to all kind of devices and browsers are a great plus for your business. Let us take a look at some of the key benefits that you can reap after you have been through real estate website development Is your real estate website underperforming? – This is what you need to know or else refurbishing your real-estate website:


Display an active portfolio: Real estate websites today are very robust and allow you to upload unlimited content that includes listings, images, floor plan, etc. That helps you in building up a strong portfolio on the internet which your target audience can take a look at. Your portfolio reflects your experience and expertise and helps you in generating trust amongst the prospective clients.


On-the-go lead generator 

Now that you have a ready portfolio on the internet that is made up on an SEO friendly CMS and is responsive to desktops, laptops, and hand-held devices; rest assured that you are in the process of lead generation all the time. The Internet will re-direct anyone and everyone who is searching for a property to your website.


Serve global customer

When you are on the web, you are no more just a local real estate agent. Your presence on the internet makes you a global player. You are equally approachable to someone sitting thousands of kilometers away as you are to someone who next door. Your website will introduce you to newer set of clientele where actually the limit is beyond the sky.


Inbuilt feedback and query form 

Website have inbuilt query forms and feedback forms that help you generate sales queries as well as support the requirements of your existing clients. Besides, as all the correspondence is written, it provides a better record further helping in developing a better customer management procedure.


3rd part app integration 

Numerous 3rd party apps like Trulia, Zillow, Google Base, etc. help you in escalating your business profoundly. You are more future-ready and prepared to any of the forthcoming digital waves that may hit your industry. Besides, these 3rd party apps help in delivering business faster and smarter.

Posted On: 12 Aug 2017

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